Crystal Pieces: we are becoming the product

Incomplete or faulty pieces of the production and marketing of ourselves.

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Displays, blister-packs, incomplete or faulty pieces of the production. Fragile fragments of the contemporary being, not only as consumers but as consumables.

In our fast-paced society, without time for reflection, our existence tends to develop around to banal experiences, that are depleted at the instant. We are building while we are reporting our being in pieces.
Because we participate, we share, we are transparent. We are exposed to the use and enjoyment of the others and so we became, not only consumers but also consumer object.

*Original text: “En nuestra sociedad acelerada, sin tiempo para la reflexión, nuestra existencia tiende a desarrollarse en torno a experiencias no significativas, que se agotan en el instante, construimos a la vez que comunicamos, nuestro ser a pedazos. Y en tanto que somos transparentes, participamos y compartimos, nos exponemos al uso y disfrute del otro y pasamos a ser no solo consumistas sino también objetos de consumo.”