Blister Packs: we are all on sale

Thermoformed pieces of glass human sized, are the packaging of the ourselves marketing.

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Empty, fragile and transparent fragments as contemporary existence. They are the remains of the consumption, that still can be capable of generating artistic experience. Strippeds of the instant of consume, they shows now with transcendent character.
The object or subject that represents is not already there, because it has been consumed, and we must imagine it by ourselves.

*Original text: “Fragmentos vacíos, frágiles y transparentes como la existencia contemporánea. Son los restos del consumo, que todavía pueden ser susceptibles de generar experiencia artística. Despojadas del instante consumidor, se exhiben ahora con carácter transcendente.
El objeto o sujeto que representan ya no esta ahí, por que ha sido consumido, y tenemos que imaginarlo nosotros mismos.”

Abou’s Briefcase, 2017

Packaging Yourself, 2016

My hand’s Blister Pack, 2015

Madonna’s Blister Pack, 2015

Cristiano’s Blister Pack, 2015